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Cox’s Bazar is primarily known worldwide for its natural beauty and the unbroken 122 km long natural sandy beach, the largest in the world. Every year millions of local and foreign people come to enjoy the beauty of the world’s most extensive Sea Beach.

And so, for their hospitality,  numerous five-star hotels have sprung up here under various non-governmental organizations centered on this vast tourism industry. Today we will learn about all the best hotels in Cox’s Bazar. And more about how you can book them with ITS Holidays Ltd.

Top Hotels Near Cox’s Bazar Beach With Rooftop Swimming Pool:

1. Sayeman Beach Resort

Sayeman Beach Resort

Simon Beach Resort is one of The 17 five-star hotels approved by the Bangladesh government. The resort is located right at Kalatali Point. This resort has become very popular for travel lovers in recent times. The hotel is one of the top attractions for the wealthy tourists visiting Cox’s Bazar due to its infinity swimming pool, decent guest service, and location. The hotel is very popular with travelers as it is very close to the beach. You can directly enjoy the waves of the Bay of Bengal from every inch of the resort.

2. Ocean Paradise

Ocean Paradise Hotel and Resort-Cox'S Bazar Updated 2022 Room Price-Reviews & Deals |

Ocean Paradise is a popular name for business group excursions or family vacations in Cox’s Bazar. There are particular arrangements for many individuals to stay together. Most organizations pick this hotel for their annual or occasional group tours. The hotel is located on the busiest Kalatali Road in Cox’s Bazar. It is positioned just between Sugandha Point and Kalatali Point. It is also one of the most historic and well-known five-star hotels in Cox’s Bazar.

3. Seagull Hotel

Seagull is renowned to practically everyone as the first established five-star hotel in the tourist hub of Cox’s Bazar. The hotel is positioned between the famous Laboni Point and Sugandha Point in Cox’s Bazar and has its railway from the hotel to the beach. Seagull Hotel has no shortage of nobility to welcome tourists to Cox’s Bazar from all around the world every year. Now it has been giving good services to local and foreign travelers in Cox’s Bazar for a long time.

4.  Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa

Located next to Inani Beach in Cox’s Bazar, the resort has high mountains and beaches on the other side. The resort is Built-in Spanish architectural style on a large plot of land; it has 493 spacious rooms. There is a Superior View Room with a combination of Hillview and Sea View. There are also special arrangements for the newlyweds where there are separate arrangements for all the household items. The unique architectural style of the hotel gives a sumptuous feel to those who stay here. It is also a five-star hotel.

These are all the certified five-star hotels in coxes Bazar. Let’s discuss other hotels with swimming pools.

 5.  Joltarongo

Currently, the joltarongo is one of the most glamorous new hotels in Cox’s Bazar. This is known as the Army Welfare Trust. It is presently the closest luxury hotel to the sea, located in the heart of Laboni Beach, just a 10-minute drive from Cox’s Bazar Airport. joltarongo will give you all kinds of modern conveniences and a great experience while enjoying the view of the longest beach in the world. The hotel has a spacious garden, which is the hotel’s main attraction. The hotel also has a huge infinity swimming pool.

6.  Neeshorgo Hotel & Resort

Neeshorgo Hotel & Resort is located on Marine Drive Road, ten minutes walking distance from Kalatali. It has developed all the facilities in a pleasant and secluded environment. Its specialty is that guests can enjoy the beauty of the sea from every room here. Lying on the bed, you can hear the roar of the waves. The hotel’s honeymoon package and the infinity swimming pool are of particular note. You can enjoy eating fruit juice while sitting by the swimming pool. Watching the sunset, it may seem that the blue sky has merged with the sea. The taste of hotel food here surpasses all other hotels.

7.  Best Western Plus Heritage

Best Western Plus Heritage is Another hotel located at Kalatali Point. The hotel was built in 2015. You can also see the sea waves from the roof of this hotel. With it, you can enjoy the advantages of the infinity swimming pool. Since its inception, the hotel has successfully provided services to thirsty people for travel. Due to its proximity to the beach, the hotel attracts many visitors throughout the year. It is a three-star hotel, and you will find all kinds of elite facilities here.

8.  Hotel Zaman Sea Heights

Hotel Zaman Sea Heights is located between Sugandha Beach and Kalatali Beach, just minutes away from the beach. The hotel has a spectacular swimming pool with infinity swimming facilities on the rooftop. The hotel is available at slightly lower rates than other hotels in the region, so it can be an excellent option for travelers who are thinking about budget. Even though it is a low-budget hotel, you can enjoy quality facilities from this hotel, and you can enjoy the natural beauty of Cox’s Bazar from very close.

9.  Hotel Silver Shine

Hotel Silver Shine is located a short distance from Cox’s Bazar beach. This three-star hotel is a bit inside the city of Cox’s Bazar, but there is a beautiful swimming pool on the roof of the hotel. Also, the hotel rent is a bit lower as the hotel is a bit far from the beach. And so for those who are looking for a hotel with a lot of good quality services in Cox’s Bazar at a slightly lower price, this can be a good option. From the hotel’s roof, the breathtaking natural beauty of Cox’s Bazar city is delightful.

Apart from the rooftop swimming pool, the other best hotels by the beach are:

10. Exotica Sampan Hotel & Resort

If you want to enjoy the immense beauty of the sea up close, Exotica Sampan Hotel & Resort can be a perfect choice. It is located on Marine Drive Road in Cox’s Bazar, a medium-sized hotel by the sea. One of the features of this hotel is that all the rooms in this hotel are sea-facing. There are deluxe twin rooms with two beds and premium suites with two rooms. You can enjoy the sea view directly from the Balcony of each room.

11.  Windy Terrace Boutique Hotel

Windy Terrace Boutique Hotel is located on Kalatali Road, Cox’s Bazar, close to the beach. It is a very classic hotel. The hotel lounge is very well furnished and impressive. The architectural style of the hotel buildings also is stunning. There are usually two types of rooms: Couple Deluxe Room and Twin Deluxe. The hotel also has facilities like a gym and restaurant that differ from others. The restaurant is quite large and has a complimentary breakfast buffet with hotel rent.

12.  Hotel Sea Crown

Hotel Sea Crown is a well-known three-star hotel built on the bank of the beach in Cox’s Bazar. Hotel Sea Crown offers breathtaking live views of the sea. There is seating on the second floor of the hotel. From there you can enjoy the immense beauty of the beach. There is an eye-pleasing garden in the middle of the hotel, and hotel rooms are around it. It has two different types of room services: economy Deluxe Room and Superior Triple Room. You can enjoy the sea view directly from the Balcony of each room.

List of Cox’s Bazar hotels near Sugandha Beach:

Cox’s Bazar is a major tourist destination in Bangladesh. The number of hotels in Cox’s Bazar is increasing daily, keeping pace with the number of tourists arriving every year. Every hotel is always trying to develop something new, give maximum service to the customers, and stay ahead of everyone. And so it isn’t easy to choose the list of the best hotels in Cox’s Bazar. We have prepared the list based on our research and customer reviews. Now we’ll know the names of some of the standard hotels near Sugandha Beach in Cox’s Bazar.

  1.   Praasad Paradise Hotel & Resort
  2.   Al Safa Tower
  3.   Hotel Sea Cox
  4.   Hotel Sea Alif
  5.   Sea Breeze Resort
  6.   Divine Eco Resort
  7.   Royal Beach Resort
  8.   Hotel Regal Palace
  9.   Grace Cox Smart Hotel
  10. Long Beach Hotel

Special note

June to August is the best time to visit Cox’s Bazar. And Cox’s Bazar is usually overcrowded at this period of the year. And so the hotel rent and lodging costs are a bit higher than other seasons of the year. Otherwise, hotel rents are relatively low during the rest of the year. Hotel booking companies usually offer different discounts on hotel rents during those times.

How to book hotels in Cox’s Bazar with ITS Holidays Ltd.

ITS Holidays Ltd is the country’s leading hotel booking company. We have our own established hotel and housing system worldwide. Our company also has a good relationship with all the economy class to star hotel companies in Cox’s Bazar. We offer customers economical and high-quality hotel facilities based on their demands and ensure Bangladesh’s most excellent and satisfactory hotel service.

Our company is a trusted company and a legitimate company registered by the government of Bangladesh who has been associated with hotel booking worldwide for a long time and has been serving customers very successfully.

Top features of our company ITS Holidays Ltd are:


    Clear terms &  policy

    Hassle-free service

    Dedicated service team

    Guaranteed service

    Instant hotel booking

    Unconditional booking cancellation

    Wide range of payment method

     100% Tech enable the company

Final Words

Considering the reputation of our company and all of the facilities included in Hotel booking, it might be an excellent choice for you if you are in search of a hotel to overnight stay in Cox’s Bazar. So, without further time wasted, please get in touch with us if you are interested. You may reach us by visiting our website, liking our Facebook page, or contacting us directly at the phone number given or email address below.

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