How To Perform Umrah For Ladies

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Umrah for Ladies: Compete Guide

Islam is a religion that has rituals that followers perform under some defined directives. Umrah is one of the most divine acts of worship among Muslims. What comes as a result of performing these rites and rituals is an Islamic state of mind. All religions have rituals that followers perform under some defined directives. Islam has granted its followers five main rituals. In addition to the simple ritual of Islam, Umrah is one of the most divine acts of worship among Muslims.

Islam has ordained some rules for all five basic worships. Umrah also has some regulations prescribed both for men and women including dress code, way of performing (for both males and females), Mahram rules for ladies, some specific prohibitions for Ladies, etc.

For all the ladies who are going to perform Umrah for the first time, this post is here to provide all the basic requirements that should be met. All females regardless of their age should know these circumstances and implement them.

Some basic deviations for ladies in Umrah performance:

There are some basic deviations for ladies in Umrah performance. These deviation points will help you to perform better in your Umrahs.

*As we know in Ihram Men cover their body with two white sheets. But for a woman that is not the same. Ladies just have to cover their bodies correctly.

*Ladies who are going through their menstrual cycles need not perform Umrah.

*After the completion of Sa’yi, (running between Safa and Marwa) males shave off their heads.   But for women that is just not the same. Ladies are only recommended to cut their hair the length of a fingernail.

*Al-Idhtebaa’ and Al-Raml- set out only for men.

* Talbeeyah- said in a high volume by men and in a low volume by women believers during Tawaf.

There are some points that are different for ladies in Umrah performance. The rest of the Umrah is the same for both male and female Ummahs

Dress Code for Woman for Umrah:

It is said that when a woman enters into Ihram, she should stay pure in whole Umrah. Any activity which makes her unclean or impure is discouraged. Any operation like this will put her out of Ihram.

A woman can wear their regular clothes in Umrah, leaving their face and hands naked. Ihram is a state that a Muslim must enter in order to perform Hajj or Umrah. A woman needs to take a bath and make the intention of Ihram. Then offer two Rakah with the aim of taking the state of Ihram.

As a Muslim, a woman needs to take an Umrah. She should consider herself purer when she leaves her home and enters into the state of Ihram. Any activity which makes her live with impurity or uncleanliness is discouraged.

Mahram is a must for women to go for Umrah

Who is the Mahram?

Can a woman perform Umrah without Mahram?

If at any time one’s relative or kin of a female with whom she is not allowed to marry at any time (i.e. any situation due to blood ties, breastfeeding, or marriage).

This includes some relations:

Her husband, father, brother, son, granddad, grandson, uncle, nephew, father-in-law, son-in-law, stepfather, stepson, and any male with whom she has shared a mother’s milk is Mahram for a lady as indicated by Islamic Shari’ah.

The Saudi Govt. has very strict Mahram rules for someone to perform Umrah (a traditional Islamic Hajj). Any woman below to age of 45 can’t perform Umrah alone as Saudi Gov’t. don’t issue a visa without a male passport. A woman aged 45 or above can perform Umrah alone or with a group of ladies.

Strict rules Of Umrah for women:

*If you are a woman who is younger than 45 years old, and you want to go into Hajj, then you should apply for an Umrah visa with your Mahram.

*Umrah should not be performed while women are on their menstrual cycle. Women have to stay clean while performing Umrah.

*A woman can wear storied clothing, but SILK cannot be worn on Umrah.

*There is no specific instruction on how to not wear jewelry while performing Umrah. However, it is generally recommended that you should avoid wearing Jewelry while performing Umrah.

*It is forbidden to cover the face and wear gloves while performing Umrah.

*No makeup is allowed.

*Even though, there are specific rules if the menstrual cycle starts during Umrah. Women are recommended to stay away from Umrah during the cyclic period at all costs.

*Hajj and Umrah should be done at the same time of the year, whereas umrah can be done in any time period. You should book your umrah at the time which suits you, as not to do it too early or too late. This way, you have control over when you want to do your ummah.

I am writing this article to the knowledge of all the requirements which should be met before performing Umrah. I would like to recommend you its holidays Umrah packages. My wife used their facilities in December of 2019. She booked a 3star Umrah Package, and it was highly appreciated. I hope this article will help you by acknowledging all the requirements which should be met to perform Umrah. will always be here to help you in all ways.

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