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Willing to add Bangladesh to your travel bucket list? If it is, hopefully, these popular travel destinations of Bangladesh will help you make a plan to travel with ancient history, charming beauty, and resonant culture. Bangladesh is one of the most concealed, mysterious, and wonderful lands in South Asia bordering the countries India and Myanmar. Though this is a small country many tourist places can be said to a tourist destinations. With the blessing, there is a lot of natural beauties, greeneries, and prettiness all there. Bangladesh is yet to develop in tourism because as an independent country it has a short past. The people of Bangladesh are very welcoming, friendly, and hospitable. They always help foreigners in every possible way. Tourist places are not overcrowded yet so, you will enjoy everywhere with less crowd. So, here we will try to let you know the places that you really shouldn’t want to miss on your trip. You will enjoy it here because Bangladesh is a classic hotspot of eco-tourism with diverse beauty and natural wonders. Though Bangladesh has a lot of things and places to offer to them who love to travel and visit, here we will talk about the popular travel destinations of Bangladesh of all.

Here are the 7 popular travel destinations of Bangladesh

  1. Cox’s Bazar:

Cox’s Bazar is the world’s longest sea beach, 120 kilometers long Spilling out into the Bay of Bengal are salty fishing skiffs and bustling jetties. Cox’s Bazar is the most popular tourist place in Bangladesh. This small town is situated in the far south-east of Bangladesh. Bubbling rock pools and crashing turquoise waves that make this a great spot for surfing. The Best place to enjoy and relax. You can visit the fish market there. You shouldn’t miss the long marine drive. To enhance your travel enjoyment, check out our lucrative Cox’s Bazar tour packages.

  1. The Sundarbans:

According to UNESCO Sundarbans is a world heritage site and the largest mangrove forest on earth located in between two neighboring countries Bangladesh and India and the majority of the mangrove forest belongs to Bangladesh. Visiting this mangrove forest could be a lifetime experience. This tranquil place creates peace in your mind and the beautiful greeneries must charm your eyes. This is the place of spectacular wildlife in covered and here you find the royal Bengal tigers are stalking. To make your tour more enjoyable and safe check out our Sundarbans tour packages.

  1. Chittagong hill-tracts:

Hills always attract tourists all over the world. For an adventurous tour or travel, hill tracts are the best to explore. You will find many ethnic people and their beautiful home and their tribal culture will attract you. In hill-tracts you will discover a new of yourself in greeneries. Sangu is the most beautiful river in Bangladesh located at Chittagong and a journey by boat during the rainy season will give you the best pleasure. Some other beautiful places there are among all the tourist spots you can visit such as Boga Lake, Naval Beach, Guliakhali Beach, Patenga Beach, Karnaphuli River, and Bhatiary Lakes. Our attractive Chittagong tour package will enhance your enjoyment. Check out our Chittagong tour packages 

  1. Srimangal:

Srimangal is called the tea capital and is located in the northeastern part of Bangladesh. You will find a tea garden almost everywhere and surely you will not want to find anybody except you. You will enjoy cycling through these calm and beautiful tea gardens. Easily you spend some days in this beautiful place. Some other places you can visit like Lawachhara National Park and Hamham Waterfalls etc.

  1. St. Martin’s Island:

The only coral island in Bangladesh is St. Martin Island. This is the best beautiful place in Bangladesh for beach lovers. People who live nearby the island usually visit mostly one-day trips. This island gets quiet after leaving local people and you can stay there in any resort with a private beach and relax on for a few days. You really will enjoy the various delicious seafood there. You can contact us on our St. Martin tour package. Check out our tour St. Martin’s Tour package 

  1. Bandarban:

If you plan to see the beauty of the big hill of Bangladesh, you have to go to Bandarban. The highest hill with 1231 meters above sea level is located at Bandarban. Muranja, Wayla, and Chimbook mountains rise to nearly 1,000 meters above sea level surrounded by. You will enjoy a lazy bamboo boat journey in the river called Shanggu. You will enjoy the scenery from the top of Nilgiri. Also, there is a Golden Temple or the Buddha Dhatu Jadi is a Buddhist temple and is also liked by travelers. We have our fantastic Bandarban tour package to offer you. Check out Bandarban our packages

  1. Sajek Valley:

Sajek Valley is surrounded by hills and about 2000 feet above sea level. This place is known as the queen of hills and roof of Rangamati. There is a river called Sajek that is working as a border between Bangladesh and India. Most of the people are ethnic living there. You will enjoy the beauty of the hills. You find a cottage to stay there. You will really enjoy the night if it is a moonlit night. Our tour package for Sajek Valley will help you to make a good plan for traveling there. Check out our Sajek Valley tour package.

  1. Tanguar Haor:

The second-largest sweet water swamp area in Bangladesh is located at Sunamganj district, the area is about 100 sq kilometers. This beautiful sweet water swamp is in the northeast region of Bangladesh. The place is rich in natural resources. Tourists from many palaces come here to enjoy the magical beauty of Tanguar Haor. They enjoy to spent all day on the boat. You will enjoy your tour to Tanguar Haor during the monsoon. You will enjoy the local foods. We offer a lucrative tour package. Check this out


Actually, it is tough to rank the travel spots of Bangladesh. The people of Bangladesh are famously friendly and welcoming and the country is full of cultural wonders. Bangladesh is a beautiful country to travel now and then. So, above those places are the most popular destination of Bangladesh. You can travel or make a tour any time of the year. Our travel agency helps you to make a good tour plan.

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