What Is The Difference Between Hajj And Umrah

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Performing hajj or umrah is a religious pilgrimage for all Muslim ummah. Moreover among the five pillars of Islam, hajj is one of the obligation rituals for a well-off Muslim. As for umrah, anyone can perform it. Yes, your guess is right, this article is about what is the difference between hajj and umrah. They are both important Islamic rituals so knowing the difference helps the practice easier.

So let’s not waste any more time. Grab your couch and start reading.

What is the difference between hajj and umrah

To perform hajj or umrah, one has to go to Makkah as a pilgrim but both rituals have some differences that make them unique. For new Muslims, sometimes the differences get a little difficult to understand. For them, the given information in this article will work as a tour guide.

Differences Hajj Umrah
Duration 5 to 6 days In few hours
Time Ony in the month of Zill Hajj All month except zul Hajj
Visa Open in hajj season only for 2 month Open with 30 days validity and 15 day staying limit for everyone.
Places Makkah, Arafat,Mina and Muzdalifah Makkah
Obligation Compulsory for healthy and wealthy person It is Sunnah not compulsory

What is umrah and hajj

In this section you will get to know about the two Islamic rituals in detail:

What is umrah

Though umrah is not an obligatory ritual, anyone can get huge rewards from Allah (SWT) by performing umrah anytime they want. One can do umrah anytime any month except the hajj time which is for five days.

By doing umrah with full dedication, Allah (SWT) wipes out all the sins and you will come out pure as a baby.

If you don’t have the ability to perform hajj then try to do umrah as the rewards are uncountable and you cant earn it from any other prayers.

How to perform Umrah

Umrah can be performed in any month. To do umrah, you have to:

  • Collect ihram clothes and wear them. It will be better if you can wear it from the airport.
  • If you decide to do umrah then declare it before arriving at the meeka. It is the certain border where you have to stay wearing the irham clothe.
  • Then do tawaf which is walking around the Kabah seven times. You have to start from the point where the black stone is.
  • After finishing tawaf, the next task is to do Sa’y which is walking between Safa and Marwah mountains 7 times.
  • Complete your umrah by cutting your hair.

What is hajj

Hajj is for those who are fit to deal physically, spiritually, and financially. You have to do hajj once in a lifetime. As for performing hajj, you have to go to Makkah and other places as it is the largest gathering. By performing hajj all the sins get clean and if Allah grants your hajj then you are very close to Jannah.

How to perform hajj

You can perform hajj only in the month of ZulHijjah. To perform hajj, you have to:

  • You have to wear ihram clothes. It is preferable to wear it from the airport
  • Declare your hajj intention before arriving at meeka.
  • Perform tawaf around Kabah in Makkah from the black stone
  • Then Sa”y which is walking between Safa and Marwah.
  • Then you have to go to Mina and spend the day there.
  • On the second day, you have to go to Arafat and pray asr and maghrib.
  • Then you have to spend the night in the Muzdalifah in the open field after stoning the devil in three points.
  • The next day you have to sacrifice an animal as it is the day of Eid ul Adha
  • Shave off your hair
  • Your hajj is completed.


I guess you are clear with what is the difference between hajj and umrah as all the details have been given in this article. If you are looking for a trustworthy hajj and umrah package in Bangladesh consider going through this umrah package from Bangladesh content.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Q1. What is the meaning of Hajj and Umrah?

Ans: umrah is the holy tour that can be performed at any time except the hajj season and hajj is an annual tour that can be performed only in the hajj season.

Q2. What comes first Umrah or hajj?

Ans: Umrah is performed first and then hajj is performed. If you do not perform hajj then can perform Umrah as it is known as single umrah.

Q3. What is the major difference between Hajj and Umrah?

Ans: Hajj requires four to five days to complete and umrah doesn’t require any fixed schedule or time.

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